Maybe you have noticed that some women’s underwear have pocket on their bottom part. They belong in those parts of things made with unexplained purpose that mostly do not have any benefits for their customers. Have you ever asked yourself why these pockets exist? There are many other things of this kind about we usually do not think about but if we think about them and their purpose then we get confused.

1. The bobble on the hats

These balls are old for 2 centuries and firstly appeared in France when the cabins in the ships had roofs lower than today’s and the balls were placed to help sailors no to hurt their heads. Today these hats and bobbles do not have some important purpose, just are used as details.

2. The hole on lollipop stick

If you thought that these holes are made to prevent the choke, you are wrong. These holes are candies fixed to the stick of lollipop and then they are filled in their empty spaces.

3. Why there are lines on the trousers?

On this question there is still no unique answer. These lines firstly appeared in the first time of massive production of trousers. People did not have choice but bought trousers like that and then this production remained in all continents.

4. Lines on the toothpastes

The myth says that black line is synonym about chemicals in the past and the green one is representation of organic content. However the truth is that these lines do not have relation with the non/organic content and they just present the bar codes of toothpastes.

5. The small “pockets” on ladies underwear

As we already mentioned this is one of the biggest dilemmas. These pockets are made for health reasons and for improving the comfortability of women in wearing underwear.

6. Holes of backpacks placed on material like diamond

The first invention of this part was as part of camping equipment and camping purposes since it made the budding cord backpack easier.



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