This is what she started eating She lost incredible 125 kilos, and thought she would die

This is what she started eating: She lost incredible 275 pounds (125 kilos)

Emma Sealey from English Redditch was so obese that she could not bind a seatbelt in the car, and now she lost a whopping 275pounds (125 kilos) and only because of diet and exercise. She did not consent to any surgical procedures.The 35-year-old was convinced she would die before her 40th birthday, precisely because of excessive weight – horrifying 400pounds (181 kilograms).

Despite the pleas of her loved ones to seek medical help and ask for a referral for a procedure of mounting gastric band in the stomach, she opted for a healthier way to lose weight, according to the Daily Mail.

She wore clothes of size 36, and in two years has managed to replace old clothes with new patches of the size 8. Now her scale shows brilliant 125pounds !( 56.7 kilos)

“Looking back, I was lucky I wasn’t in a wheelchair. I couldn’t walk up stairs without becoming out of breath and be putting the seat belt on in Brian’s car around me left me hugely uncomfortable” – Emma explains.

Emma began to gain weight in her childhood when her close friend died, and she found comfort in food. She visited a doctor in the hope that will get instructions to the department for weight loss.

When she visited her doctor, for the first time after many years, Emma stepped on a weight scale. The doctor didn’t have to say anything, she immediately knew that she had to lose weight as soon as possible or she would die before turning 40.

With the help of some local advisers for body weight from Cambridge, she first began to get rid of all the bad habits that she had in her daily diet.

Before beginning her weight loss regime, Emma usually did not eat her breakfast, but for lunch, she usually had sausages, cheese, and chips with onion, and for dinner she usually had chicken with curry and rice with bread. Her favorite snack was chocolate.

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