Lots of people have problems with their nails and have a habit of biting them.If you ask them, the majority will tell you that it is their nervous habit or way how to release stress.

However, the recent studies show that the anxiety and stress are not actually what really cause this habit but it is more the desire for perfectionism. People how to have very strict habits and tend to be perfect in every corner of their life usually are those that not have time for relaxation and this habit is the only way how to release their brain. Therefore, nail- biting is not habit or anxiety sign but it is frustration if perfectionists do not achieve something.

The latest study was done on people who participate in given activities which were linked with repetitive behavior. Those people who were perfectionists and which plans did not went as they wished to start with biting their nails. As the situation became more tensed and they did not remove their fingers out from their mouth. The nail- biting habit was present in all their activities: thinking, planning, waiting of the plan steps and so on. When perfectionists were asked why they do it they all responded that this makes them less frustrated.

Even this activity might help people to be less nervous, impatient and frustrated it is very dangerous since it causes different infections, bacterial reactions in mouth, weak teeth and other problems. People can also cause damages and deformities to their fingers. Therefore, it is very important for them to visit therapist and ask for professional medical care. There is nothing embarrassing here, since it is better to cure it in time instead of letting your body to suffer.

Here are some signs that you are maybe perfectionists:

  • You think in very black and white, ‘all-or-nothing’ terms.
  • You’re very hard on yourself.
  • When you don’t achieve a goal, you become depressed.
  • Even when you do achieve a goal, that success is not enough to make you happy.
  • You never start a project until the ‘right’ moment – which often never seems to come.

Watch the video to learn more how to avoid this habit: