Lemon is one of the best and healthiest fruits on the planet that is very beneficial for all body parts and organs.

Due to its miraculous effects all doctors and nutritionists recommend it in all types of healthy diets.

If taken regularly lemon can help you to solve your issues with teeth, digestion system, infections, bacterial reactions, fever, flu, obesity, blood problems and blood pressure as well as other more serious problems such as internal bleeding or problems of the respiratory system.

However, the most common reason why people take lemons are to boost their immunity and energy and to clean their blood from toxins. When people use lemons for these purposes they usually mean that the inner part of the fruit is “responsible” for the healing effects but in fact the peel is the most beneficial part. It acts as anti- inflammatory and anti- septic agent that relaxes the blood vessels and provide normal blood circulation. Since blood and proper blood flow are linked with the nervous system it follows that lemon peel can help you to relax your nerves and reduce the joint pain.

The recipe that you are going to read will help you to reduce the joint pain by using only lemon peel.

  • Take one lemon and peel it well and take the entire peel you have.
  • Rub the peel on those parts of your body when you feel pain, then wrap them well with bandage and let it like that.
  • The next thing you should do is to prepare long lasting massage mixture. For that purpose take other 2 lemons, peel them and place the peels in one jar filled with olive oil.
  • Let the mixture to stay in dry place for 14 days and after the estimated period you can use it for massages.
  • Massage the mixture directly on those parts of the body where you feel pain and wrap them with gauze. We recommend you to make these massages every night before bed.

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