Immortals Among Us? Li Ching Yen 256 Year Old Man Reveals Secrets to His Longevity (VIDEO)

Who is the only one person that has lived the longest period on this planet? Have you ever heard about Li Ching Yen who has lived for 256 years. If you think that this is some imagination or science fiction then you are wrong. This man was observed by many professors and other experts in the field of biology. From the surveys and interviews made people who live in the neighborhood when Li lived, say that their grandparents knew Li and his way of life.

Li Ching Yuen started to work as herbalist at his 10, he started with gathering herbs and spices, learning their history and properties. He made his own diet based on herbs and started with implementing it. The main herbs included in it were goji berry, wild ginseng, rice, gotu kola, lingzhi. He taught people around the herbs and spices, their healing effects and loved to teach people how to use the herbs in their daily meals and treatments. He had 23 women and became father for over 200 children. According to people and tales told for this man he was able to read and write from very early ages and at year of 10 he travelled around world, even to some untouchable places just to gather herbs. When he gathered enough, he started to sold them and made unique recipes from the herbs. He also taught people how to implement his diet.

But, he was not the only one!

At first Li was taught for these techniques from one old man that was very well educated in the same science.

People were curious how Li succeeded to did this field of medicine so expanded, how to succeeded to live too long just by using herbs and spices with no pills, no medical treatments and other preparations. When he was on death bed people around him asked about the secret of his life and the said: “I have done all that I have to do in this world”.


His secret for long and healthy life was: “Keep a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog.”

This was his pure advice to all people. His desire and wish was to teach people how to stay healthy and live long with only simple way of life. He wanted people to learn that there is nothing better than natural way of life. He believed that inner life and peace in mind and body are the most important things that can be achieved only by having proper nutrition and practicing breathing techniques.

Having proper nutrition and proper trainings of heart play greatest role in life.

Why is this so hard to believe?

Even it is hard to believe that some people in the past lived more than 100 years it is true. Like now when living 75-80 years is totally normal for us, before 200 years it was normal some people to live more than 100 years. Now living 200 years is incredible and seems suspicious how someone managed in past to live too long.

But, that is true and we have to admit that there are so many people in this world, all of them have different habits, different lifestyles and they use to practice different ways for curing themselves. There are people who are not faced with stress, do not have busy life, tension situations, or do not breath polluted air. Even it is hardly to imagine it is true. Yes. There are people that live far away from the big cities, who eat homemade and home grown food and products, so walk every day, who do not use pesticides and who exercise regularly. They do not know what is fast-food, what are fatty meats or sugary desserts from local candy shops. There are still people that use herbs and spices in all their meals instead of artificially made proteins, steroids or other ingredients. These people put the natural way of life and body health on first place before money, career and fame. In these people belonged Li.

Our advice, based on the story about Li is to spend more time on sun, in nature, to do things that you want and to admit that our life is unique journey that was not supposed to be spent in the office and instead TV. Imagine that your life is vacation and every day, do the things that you want not the things you must. Try to eat homemade food, include herbs in it, exercise every day, go on date in nature, invite your relatives to spend your leisure time together on gathering herbs instead of drinking coffee. Follow Li’s story and try to find your spiritual, mental and physical synergy.

By following these advices we are sure that we can learn that money and busy life are not the most important thing, but in opposite they can be mentioned as things that shorten our life. Try to find the pleasure in your life and follow the healthy way. Maybe it seems impossible, but someone of us can reach more than 100 years of living.



Source: http://livehealthywithus.com/256-years-old-man-breaks-silence-death-reveals-shocking-secrets-world/