Do You Have an Unpleasant Odor From the Mouth, then Very Likely You Have this in Your Mouth and You did not Even Know (VIDEO)

If you do not know why you feel like this in your mouth, then you should definitely make sure to check for these things.

Often the secretions from the tonsils, food that is deposited in the tonsils can settle in the throat, and as a result of frequent tonsillitis, it creates stones.

Some stones grow to an impressive size. A problem may arise if they crack.

It is not known exactly how many people are prone to the “stones”, but during one test, from 150 people who had magnetic resonance imaging of the head, about 24 percent of them had stones in the tonsils.

You can remove then yourself with a toothpick, or squeeze your hands or ear sticks.

Look at the video to see how this man takes them out and how they actually look like and where to find them: