What will happen if you do not change underwear every day

5 Things that Happen to Your Body if You don’t Change Your Underwear Enough

It is essential that regular, daily changing of underwear, especially panties, as of a child who plays all day, to working women who are all day with obligations.

But sometimes it happens to neglect the hygiene habit. However, if frequently  overlooked change of underwear, then may occur some health problems.

Bacteria that inhabit on the fabric have an excellent base for growth and development because the environment is humid and hot. When bacterias are enormously replicating, thus they cause irritation.

  1. Excessive itching

Some believe that scratching receive after they change panties. It can occur if the skin is sensitive to powders.

Therefore, rinse them twice in the washing machineand after drying and mandatory iron them. In that case, will be destroyed the remaining spores of the bacteria that are not destroyed during washing.

  1. Rashes and sores

If you have excessive itching that causes ulcers, the reason should be dirty panties. Bacteria and dirt that may be invisible to the naked eye, are causing infection and skin irritation.

Here can be case of the development of bacteria or fungi. The treatment is often lasting long, and requires frequent changing of underwear and regular cleaning.

  1. You did not take a shower and this is why you do not change panties

This is a wrong thinking because it happens sometimes for many reasons that you cannot take a shower before bedtime. But that does not mean that you don’t need to change underwear.

Your genitals need fresh air to be healthy. Therefore of utmost importance is to change panties, because otherwise your flora begins to evaporate unpleasant odor.

  1. Can developed major infections

If you exercise a lot or you are sweating, it will cause excessive moisture. The moist environment is the perfect canvas for development of bacteria. Many infections begin in this way.

You have probably heard that the best are cotton panties while synthetic are another risk factor for infection.

  1. Infection, of the urinary tract

This is one of the biggest problems that women face as a child. Among the other common symptoms can be also the burning during urination that may be even more unbearable.

Anytime bacteria can find the way from the vaginal cavity into the bladder and cause infection. If it is not promptly treated, may soon turn into a kidney infection.

How many times and how often you should change your underwear?

According to many studies, a change of underwear at least once a day is recommended. If you exercise regularly, you need to do that in addition, after every workout.

If you are out a whole day on the move, you need to change your underwear twice daily. This will prevent the occurrence of urinary and vaginal infections.