The 21ST century is definitely the most advanced period when we speaking about the medical discoveries. Every day new methods, therapies, and vaccines are discovered in order to help people. However, it seems that something is still hidden from the public. In reality, people are only introduced with those remedies that have ordinary effects and can be bought easily, while those therapies or treatments that can be a possible source of income for the government or can cause some unwanted conditions for the medical industry are still kept in total secret. Another proof that speaks a lot about this is a real case that happened in the U.S. In June 2015, 6 doctors were found dead after their involvement in medical research of finding vaccines for cancer-fighting. The first doctor, Dr. Bradstreet was found dead with suspects that someone killed him with a gun. The second case involved two doctors, Dr. Holt and Dr. Hedendal which circumstances of death are still not clearly explained.

Dr. Holt

On 29th of June, Dr. Teresa Sievers, or also known as “mother Teresa from South Florida” was found murdered at home. In the same day when the police found the woman, the Dr. Whiteside vanished under unexplained circumstances. The last in the row was Dr. Fitzpatrick who vanished on 3rd of July. He went with his truck on service. Several days later, the police found his truck but there was no any evidence about him.

As the public suspects, each of these cases was done just because all of these doctors were involved into cancer researching and have found some results that were meant to be hidden. Namely, these doctors found out that the enzyme called legalese is the one that needs to be prevented with vaccine since it blocks the activity of Vitamin D and its ability to kill the cancerous cells. In the time when they were killed, the doctors worked on adding the legalese in a proper vaccine. Families of the doctors are sure that their family members did not have suicidal thoughts but instead of that they loved their job and were satisfied with the latest research and findings. Some of them said that some of the doctors were nervous in their last days of life but they never thought that they could be maybe killed. In addition, you can watch this video with Dr. Broer who worked together with the other colleagues and he explains the situation during the investigation and some suspicious circumstances.


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