10 exercises for perfect legs and buttocks

We are presenting 10 exercises with its own weight aimed at tightening leg muscles and buttocks. These exercises are very easy to perform and requires a minimum of equipment so that no problems can work at home without having to go to the gym.


  1. Raising pelvis

Exercise that primarily affects the muscles of the hamstrings and gluteus leg. In addition to this exercise involved the abdominal muscles and lower back muscles.


  1. Sumo squat

The exercise in which most working muscles inner thigh but also the muscles of the legs. The exercise is named sumo squat for the final position that resembles the position of occupying sumo wrestlers before the match.


  1. Increasing legs lying on your side

The exercise focused on the muscles of the outer thigh.


  1. Back kick with knee

Exercises in which activates the gluteus muscles and hamstrings leg. There are many variations of this exercise…. Continue reading on the next page >>